My Friend Percy, Buffalo Bill and I

Swedish title: Min vän Percy, Buffalo Bill och jag

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 31-08-2004

Format: 160 pages, bl/w illustrations, 134 x 213 mm

My Friend Percy, Buffalo Bill and I

Ulf Stark, illustrated by Per Åhlin

It’s summer, the place is the island of Möja and the two friends Ulf and Percy are together for several weeks. It’s a summer that neither Ulf nor Percy will ever forget. Mainly because it turns out to be the perfect summer that Percy never experienced when he was small. And it’s a summer when even Ulf’s grandfather comes to life. He is old and cranky and not very sociable, but he can’t resist Percy. That’s because Percy doesn’t have enough sense to be afraid of grandpa – and grandpa likes that.

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