Mystery For Extra-terrestrials

Swedish title: Mysterium för utomjordingar

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 12-03-2007

Mystery For Extra-terrestrials

Rose Lagercrantz, illustrated by Rebecka Lagercrantz

Rosa Lagercrantz has written a considerable number of children’s books. This is her first mystery – and it’s rather special. The story takes place in the school where Humlan [Bumble Bee], the heroine, is just starting in Class 4. She’s just moved to Stockholm from the country with her father and her little sister; her mother has gone to England.

Suddenly a necklace made of real pearls appears in Humlan’s desk, but when the owner turns up, it’s vanished without a trace. Humlan has to solve the case, but it’s not that easy when the classroom is just full of fingerprints! And it doesn’t get any easier when she herself falls under suspicion.

Apart from the actual classroom mystery, the story contains several different layers. There are some extra-terrestrials in a book Humlan is reading. Or do they really exist? Does this mean their secret plans to invade the earth will be realised? Humlan has to try and stop them! And there is also the issue of the problematic relationship between her parents. Humlan can’t solve it, but she must at least find out what’s happened so that she will be able to explain things to her little sister in a way she will understand, and so that she won’t completely lose her trust.
Despite all the challenges she faces, Humlan maintains her child-like optimism throughout the book, constantly telling herself: “Everything will work out fine!”

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