Nazi Gold and the Field Marshal’s Secret

Swedish title: Naziguldet och de invigdas hemlighet

Category: General Non-Fiction / History

Pub date: 08-02-2019

Nazi Gold and the Field Marshal’s Secret

Marcus Wallén

A roller-coaster page-turner which takes the reader on a treasure hunt across Europe, from the 1930s to the present day on the trail of the missing Nazi treasures.

‘Polish “Gold Train” Hunters Start Searching for Nazi Underground Factory’, claims the 2016 newspaper headline, quoting Marcus Wallén. What is it about the lure of Nazi gold that keeps us in its thrall more than seventy years after the end of World War II? Many books have been published on the subject, but none from the northern European angle Marcus Wallén takes in his NAZI GOLD AND THE FIELD MARSHAL’S SECRET, and none with the latest developments in the hunt for the missing gold.

Where did it all begin? Between 1935-45, the Nazis systematically robbed the Jewish population of Germany and the occupied territories of their gold, art and cash. Once the bombing of Germany started, they felt the need to move their ill-gotten gains, the German Federal reserve and the museums’ invaluable art into salt mines in the German regions of Thüringia and Merkers. After the war, much of the stolen loot remained unaccounted for. Rumour has it that the Nazis hid it; some say, stashed away on freight trains in tunnels leading to long-forgotten mines in the former German territory of Silesia, now in modern-day Poland. Clues also point to secretive Swiss bank accounts, caches in the German Alps, and in forgotten letters between the son of a prominent Nazi diplomat and the Swedish explorer Sven Hedin, even hints of a treasure buried in a tomato patch.

In this engaging and fascinating account that not only covers the pursuit of the lost riches but gives a full account of WWII and post-war history Europe from a financial perspective, Swedish journalist Wallén paints a picture of the key players and the theories as to the whereabouts of the hidden valuables, and the international treasure hunt for it.

’The story of Nazi Gold still seems to fascinate people all over the world. Long may it continue!’

Ian Sayer, internationally acclaimed author of Nazi Gold

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