Night Watch

Swedish title: Nattspaning

Series: The Mini Mysteries

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 26-07-2010

Format: 64 pages, 148 x 210 mm, colour

Night Watch

Helena Bross, illustrated by Mattias Olsson

The mini-mysteries – a new series of easy-to-read books about two mates Kevin and Dina who like playing detectives.

Kevin and Dina keep watch on everything that seems mysterious around them, and thanks to that they discover lots of petty crime that nobody else sees… Kevin and Dina have erected a tent in the yard between their houses. They lie in the tent opening and keep an eye of the people who go past. Some of them look really mysterious, perhaps they are baddies?

But just think, if they can sleep in the tent tonight, they can continue with their secret mission and keep a night watch too. “OK. You can try it,” say their mums, “we’ll sit at home and watch a film for the time being.”
It is cosy to be able to lie side by side in the tent and listen to the sounds outside, but when Dina has fallen asleep, Kevin wants to pee. Will he dare go out by himself? He peeps out of the tent. A dark shadow is moving in the direction of Dina’s house. It looks as if someone is trying to climb up onto a balcony…

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Finnish/Kustannus-Mäkelä Oy
Norwegian/Cappelen Damm

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