Ninja Timmy and the Journey to Sansoria

Swedish title: Ninja Timmy och resan till Sansoria

Series: Ninja Timmy

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 25-04-2014

Format: 224 pages, 148 x 210 mm, color

Ninja Timmy and the Journey to SansoriaNinja Timmy Book 2

Henrik Tamm, illustrated by Henrik Tamm

Ninja Timmy and his gang the Magic Ninjas set out for another adventure. This time they go on a submarine to an island far out to sea where the emperor and the inhabitants have been put under a curse.
The emperor has lost his imagination, the inhabitants their power to think for themselves. The Ninjas are ready, the adventure can begin!

A new mission awaits Timmy the cat and his gang. Alfred has received a letter from his old Magic Teacher. She tells of the city of Sansoria where she herself lives and how something terrible has occurred there, some kind of curse. Unfortunately the letter is damaged by water and is difficult to read but they understand that it is urgent and get ready to leave. Sansoria is on an island far out to sea and it takes a long time to reach it. But Flores comes up with the idea of building a submarine so that they can use the underwater rivers.

After an encounter with a sea monster they discover a stowaway on board, namely six year old Matilda. So now not only do they have dangers to face but also have to look after a little girl.
But in curse-struck Sansoria they get as much help from magic as from their little stowaway.

A book to read alone or to read aloud together.

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