On the Trail of the Stealer

Swedish title: I stjälarens spår

Series: The Return Of The Almanders

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 19-05-2008

Format: 128 pages, b/w illustrations

On the Trail of the StealerThe Return of the Almanders 4

Jo Salmson, illustrated by Peter Bergting

But one day when Grandfather is out, Elien the almander knocks on the door of their cottage. He has returned from the Kingdom of the Shadows, where the almanders battle constantly against evil creatures such as wheenzles and marwolves. Thanks to Rian, and the almanders’ magical silver amulet, the other almanders also manage to find their way back to our world.
However, a stealer, the most dangerous of the evil creatures, follows them. It is looking for the book of magic spells so that it can get two more stealers out of the Kingdom of the Shadows. Rian, Elien and their friends have to stop the stealer. But first they have to find it – and that isn’t easy, because it can change its shape and take on any appearance it likes.

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