Our Snowy Cabin Christmas

Swedish title: I befintligt skick

Category: Fiction / General Fiction

Pub date: 10-11-2021

Our Snowy Cabin Christmas

Karin Wallén

A heartwarming story set in the wintry mountains of Northern Sweden, about finding yourself, old family secrets and the difficult art of letting go.

When Elsa loses both her job and her cosy rented apartment in the middle of Stockholm in one fell swoop, she flees the big city for the old family cabin in the northern province of Jämtland. With the old saying ‘tidy house, tidy mind’ ringing in her ears she sets out to get some clarity into her own messy life by cleaning out the house.

But the cabin turns out to have its own messy secrets, and as Elsa is rooting through the spider-infested attic, she finds a story from 1978, when a tough storm ravaged through the mountains, leaving eight people dead. As it turns out, the accident had far-reaching consequences on Elsa’s own family history, and to find out more, she must herself brave through the icy winter storms of the mountain side.

She will be surprised, however, that the icy mountains hold more than she would ever think possible, alongside quirky characters, budding romances and unexpected challenges. OUR SNOWY CABIN CHRISTMAS is an adventure that will take Elsa further out into the vastness than she thought possible—and yet closer to herself.

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