Paper Crafts

Swedish title: Papperspyssel – 30 kreativa projekt

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Crafts & Hobbies

Pub date: 03-03-2015

Format: 195x224mm 96 pages

Paper Crafts

Erika Åberg

This book contains 30 simple, smart and inspirational paper craft projects. Fun, enjoyable and personal. Thanks to the ingenious solutions, you’ll be able to keep up whatever your age or experience. Create colorful paper chains and bunting for parties, make trendy mugs from toilet rolls and paper beads from beautiful old maps, create stylish gift wrapping and decorate cupboard doors with patterned paper – and you’ll be amazed at how effortless it is. Use what you have at home – newspapers, old comics, strips of fabric and egg boxes – combined with beautifully patterned sheets of paper.

Matilda Gredfors Andersson

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