Party and Catastrophe

Swedish title: Kalas och katastrof

Series: Friends 4-Ever

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 28-12-2015

Format: 148x210 mm, 64 pages, color

Party and Catastrophe

Marie Oskarsson, illustrated by Helena Bergendahl

Meet Emilia and her friends in junior school. It is the start of the autumn term in dass two and Emilia is soon to have a party. All summer she has been thinking about what kind of food she will serve, what games to play and who to invite. Emilia and her dad lives in a small apartment so there is not room for everyone in the class. So she decides to invite just the girls. There are ten girls in the dass so she has made nine invitation cards which she is going to hand out today. When everyone has got their invitation she realizes she has made a terrible mistake-she has forgotten Julia, the new girl, who just started a couple of weeks ago. “How could you?” asks Miriam who sits next to her. All the other girls just stare. Now nobody will want to come to her party. Luckily Emilia’s dad knows just the right thing to do. And in the end Emilia and Julia become best friends. A book full of warmth about comfortable relationships and everyday problems.

Marie Oskarsson is the author of nearly 20 children’s books. She is also a journalist concentrating on lifestyle, popular culture, trends, food and drink. She has been a publisher and editor of technical textbooks and a course-leader in journalistic techniques.

Helena Bergendahl is active as an illustrator, mostly for children’s books and textbooks. She is also the project leader for a children’s library project in Georgia and a board member of IBBY Sweden.

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