Pelle meets an engineer

Swedish title: Pelle träffar en lokförare

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 26-03-2004

Format: 36 pages

Pelle meets an engineer

Jan Lööf, illustrated by Jan Lööf

It’s two o’clock, Pelles’ mom will be home in an hour. Should he make the most of the time and finish cleaning his room? He starts with the railway tracks, but barely has time to pick up the first piece before a voice tells him to leave it where it is. It’s a little monkey talking, a little engineer monkey to be precise, and his engine is broken. It’s not uncommon for an engine to break if it collides with a rhinoceros… But Pelle is good at fixing things and soon the engine is fixed and the train can set off. The monkey wants to invite Pelle along for a ride to thank him, and Pelle gladly agrees, as long as they’re back before three. So they set off on a ride that doesn’t go very fast, but as the monkey says, the important thing is to get there! In “Pelle Meets An Engineer” we meet Pelle, the boy with the flashlight, again! And just like “Pelles’ Flashlight”, the new book is perfect for 2–5 year olds.

Rights sold

Danish: Carlsen
German: Atlantis
Russian: Albus Corvus

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