Perennials for every garden

Swedish title: Perenner för alla trädgårdar

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Home & Garden

Pub date: 03-03-2012

Format: 144 pages, 195x260mm, 4+4

Perennials for every garden

Susanna Rosén

Perennials are plants with which we have a very special love affair. These plants, the mainstay of the garden, return obligingly year after year. Many perennials are gifts and have a story to tell. No wonder then that they are so loved.

There is an incredible range of choice among perennials, with different colours and growth. An easy impulse purchase.

What if the flower beds are a bit untidy? What matters is that the garden radiates love to the plants. For the sake of completeness the book has a section explaining the art of planting. There is advice about planning and designing the flower bed so that it becomes attractive and restful to the human eye. Beautiful flowerbeds offer more than just the flowering of plants. Equally important are the way the plants grow, and the shape and colours of the leaves.

The book is intended to be an early easily accessible introduction to the best perennials in the garden, with plants to be found in garden centres. Whether you live in the North or the South makes no difference. Everywhere there are more hardy perennials than you might think. This means that you can plant out magnificent beds anywhere from South to North. In northern parts many perennials grow taller and have more intense colours. Many perennials from all parts of the planet are hardy in our Swedish climate. The book has plants from other continents, and some that grow wild.

All the plants are in alphabetical order of their scientific name. Alongside each plant or details about the geographic origin, flowering time and height, as well as placing them by type of soil and situation, plus variations of blossom colours. There are illustrations of all the perennials.

Susanna Rosén is a gardening journalist, biologist, photographer and author. She has already written several highly regarded books about flowers and gardens.

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