Puck at the Restaurant

Swedish title: Puck på restaurang

Series: Puck

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 18-06-2020

Format: 210 x 210 mm, 32 pages, colour

Puck at the Restaurant

Anna-Karin Garhamn, illustrated by Anna-Karin Garhamn

Anna-Karin Garhamn’s series about Puck is a set of funny and charming picture books about both the big and small adventures of everyday life. Today, Puck is going to a restaurant. It’s the nicest place Puck has ever seen! All the tables look as if they’re set for a party and there’s a small book which shows you all the food there is to choose from. Unfortunately, there are no pancakes … Mum helps Puck to order. It seems to take a long time before the food arrives though. Ugh, then it doesn’t taste like Puck thought it would. Mum is full but Puck is still hungry. That’s good though as that means there’s room for dessert!

Other books in the series include Puck goes to the Hairdresser, Puck on an Aeroplane, Puck gets a Sibling, Puck goes to the Cinema, Puck Learns to Ride a Bicycle, Puck and Rabbit Counts and Puck goes to the Dentist.

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