Puck Plays Football

Swedish title: Puck spelar fotboll

Series: Puck

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 31-05-2021

Format: 210 x 210 mm, 32 pages, colour

Puck Plays Football

Anna-Karin Garhamn, illustrated by Anna-Karin Garhamn

Today there is a football match. Puck and Mum are cheering for Puck’s cousins. It looks like fun – Puck wants to play football too! At home in the garden, Mum shows how to play football. But why won’t the ball go where Puck wants it to go? Puck practises and practises: pushing the ball, walking with the ball, running with the ball, passing the ball and shooting – goooaaal! It’s almost like magic! Puck thinks playing football is the most fun thing ever. And if more people play, you don’t have to run as much. Anyone who wants to can join in!

Anna-Karin Garhamn’s series about Puck is a set of funny and charming picture books about both the big and small adventures of everyday life.

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