Puppy Watch

Swedish title: Valpspaning

Series: Sally - Animal Friend

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 15-08-2014

Format: 6-9 Format l 12 pages, 148 x 210mm, 2 color illustrations

Puppy Watch

Camilla Ceder, illustrated by Sanna Mander

Sally’s greatest wish is to have a pet but with a dad who’s allergicit doesn’t look too promising. But suddenly one day an absolutely wonderful little puppy moves into the house next door. What a shame that its owner looks like a demon… “Sally – Animal Friend” is an hilariously funny series full of delightful hints as to how to get a pet of your own (or at least how to get close to someone else’s).Perfect books to read on your own or out loud.

When Sally sees the moving crates she realises that it is a Music teacher who is going to be their new neighbour. She’s
right-her father receives a cd as a gift! On the cover is a picture of the Music teacher wearing leather pyjamas and swinging an axe. His face is painted black and there is blood at the comers of his mouth…
When Sally tells her friend Sofia, they decide to creep up on the Music teacher and find out if what they think is true … that he is a demon. And that’s when they see her, the sweetest little puppy in the world and it’ with the Music teacher of all people!

Mathilde Coffy

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