Puzzel goes to school

Swedish title: Puzzel i skolan

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 15-08-2014

Format: 128 pages, 148 x 210 mm, b/w illustrations

Puzzel goes to school

Isabelle Halvarsson, illustrated by Margareta Nordqvist

Puzzel is a live ly and curious little J ack Russell terrier. She always wants to join in. This time she gets to help out at school and go to a castle where there are ghosts…
An easy to read and fun book for children who have just started to read and who love dogs. Good for reading aloud too.
Puzzel’s little mistress MimIni is sad. It is rowdy and noisy in her d ass and now Sofia’s Iphone has disappeared without a trace. Something has to be done, but what? One day Miimi’s teacher has a brilliant idea. She borrows Puzzel! The pupils become enthusias tic at once. Puzzel has to leam how to behave in school, to sit still and listen. When they go on an outing to Trollero castle and go down to the dungeons, Puzzel is allowed to go too. One of the children goes Inissing and a suspicious ghost tums up…it’s lucky that the class have Puzzel with them!

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