Puzzle the Little Smuggle Dog

Swedish title: Puzzel. Den lilla smuggelhunden

Series: Puzzel

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 23-08-2010

Format: 64 pages, 148 x 210 mm, b/w

Puzzle the Little Smuggle DogPuzzel

Isabelle Halvarsson, illustrated by Margareta Nordqvist

Easy-to-read and full of insights for children who love animals! A new, cosy series for all children who love dogs and have just started to read themselves. About the little Jack Russell puppy, Puzzle, who is smuggled into Sweden and ends up in a kind family. Richly illustrated in black/white by Margareta Nordqvist who also illustrates the books about the little horse Sigge.

– For that one I want 1,000 crowns. I got her cheap…
The little Jack Russell puppy didn’t understand anything. Just that her cage suddenly rocked and was lifted up. Somebody took her across to yet another car.
Both men in the front seat were in a hurry. They wanted to get the ferry over to Sweden where they would immediately sell the dogs and earn a lot of money.
A boy was standing in the car park. He looked at the little puppy and their eyes met.
– I’ll take her, he said in English.
Then he put her inside his jacket and it became nice and warm.

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