Red Trails

Swedish title: Röda spår

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 01-09-2014

Format: 144 pages,148 x 210 mm

Red Trails

Katarina Genar

The sun shines in a clear blue sky but chilly shivers run up and down the spine when Samuel experiences a series of unnatural
events in the isolated house far from the outside world where mobile phones have no coverage. Praised by reviewers, awardwinning Katarina Genar is back with yet another pleasantly scary book in true Maria Grip style.

As soon as Samuel sees the house he knows something is not quite right, but his father thinks that it is just wonderful. The
summer holidays, and father has rented an isolated house in the middle of a wood outside a little village. An artist lived there
over a hundred years ago. His daughter suddenly disappeared without a trace and since then the house has stood empty. But unexpectedly, mysterious things start to happen. Samuel hears whispers at night and the rocking chair in his room starts
to rock for no reason. In the tower room window Samuel makes out a pale face. How can this be? The tower room has been
locked since the artist moved away. Is Samuel going crazy? Or is someone actually trying to contact him?

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