River of Dreams

Swedish title: Drömmarnas flod

Category: Fiction / General Fiction

Pub date: 17-08-2022

River of Dreams

Elisabet Nemert

A river, a boat, a new life. Noha, an incredibly successful business man, has left the cosmopolitan office on Wall Street and the excess of New York to travel to the calm and spiritual rain forests of the Amazon. Trying to run away from the man he has become, he hopes to find solace, a new perspective, and perhaps even a better understanding of himself.

Kassandra, the woman he loves, has left him devastated as she has secretly travelled to try and find her roots in Sweden. On the river passage, Noha meets poverty, vulnerability and wild animals – and an elderly woman who agrees to guide him on strange paths. Meanwhile, in Sweden, Kassandra is trying to not be overwhelmed by what she will learn and discover in her forbearer’s home country.

RIVER OF DREAMS is a winding and dizzyingly beautiful adventure, where the shimmering themes and narratives are woven together until both the inner and outer journey ends in a bang.

Elisabet Nemert is the bestselling author of twelve novels to date, and her passionate, colourful and dramatic writing has rendered her accolades and an ever-growing readership. Her books are immensely popular in Sweden and have sold nearly 500 000 copies in total.

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