Run Sol, run!

Swedish title: Fly Sol, fly!

Series: The Witch People

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 24-05-2011

Format: 127 pages, b/w illusrations, 148x210 mm

Run Sol, run!The Witch People Book 2

Jo Salmson, illustrated by Natalia Batista

The Witch People are found in the north! Enemies who use magic powers and are hated by everyone. And now Sol has learned that she is one of them … she is firmly resolved to run away and find her family. But will her friends want to help her? An exciting and easy-to-read fantasy by Jo Salmson, the author of the successful series “The Dragon Knight” and “The Almanders Return”. With black and white illustrations in the Japanese manga style, by Natalia Batista.

In order to prevent a fresh war, General Kiijana did something that even his own brother did not think was right. He had The Witch People’s children captured and carried off as hostages and slaves. Now, some years later, the witch people have finally freed them – all apart from Sol.

Sol is left behind in the house down on the southern plains. Gradually she begins to understand who she really is. Can it actually be true that she herself has magic powers? Does she dare to try them out when there is so much at stake?

“Run, Sol, run!” is the second title in “The Witch People” series. Read other three books: “The Stolen Children”, “Magical Powers”, and “The People that disappeared” too.


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