Trampolines, Swimming Classes and a Lost Tiger Paw

Swedish title: Sagasagor. Studsmatta, simskola och en borttappad tigertass

Series: Saga's Stories

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 31-08-2016

Format: 148 x 210 mm, 96 pages, colour

Trampolines, Swimming Classes and a Lost Tiger Paw

Josefine Sundström, illustrated by Emma Göthner

Saga and Samir are bouncing on the trampoline at Saga’s place. It’s so much fun! “Watch out so you don’t crash into one another!”, yells dad. Then it happens. Saga trips and falls right on Samir’s arm…

This is a story about Saga Louisa Larsson, a solid, wise and stubborn little girl, who lives in one of the “happy terrace houses” at the Sunflower Way with her mother and father. In the area around there are neighbours, small animals and one or two kids who like to jump the trampoline. A bit further away, where Saga goes to sleep away from home for the first time, Saga’s grandfather lives.

Saga’s Stories are generously illustrated read-aloud books that describe little and big moments in Saga’s everyday life. In this book there are five stand-alone chapters that include stories about longing for an animal, playing on the trampoline and a sofa-bed catastrophe.

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Finnish: Otava