Sandor slash Ida

Swedish title: Sandor slash Ida

Category: Children / Fiction 12-15

Pub date: 19-08-2005

Sandor slash Ida

Sara Kadefors

Ida is sixteen-years old and lives in Stockholm with her mother. Her mother suffers from depression and mainly lies in bed with her face turned to the wall, her hair dirty, wearing a pair of jogging pants. Ida takes charge and forgives her mother when she forgets that there is no food in the house. Her mother takes up a great deal of space in Ida’s life. One avenue of escape is to e-mail her father, who lives in the USA with his new family. Another is to go to parties, where she drinks and feels free. Ida’s friends, Susanna and Therese, are sooo jealous of Ida because Ida is pretty. Really pretty. So pretty that when her friends betray her, the word whore is soon whispered through the corridors at school. Ida is searching for meaning.

Sandor is sixteen-years old and lives outside of Gothenburg: town house, family and big breakfasts together on weekends. But Sandor doesn’t have any friends. There’s Tobbe, but he’s a dork who builds soapbox racers. But Sandor has dance. Ballet is his heaven and his hell; you can’t dance without being called the class faggot by Babak, Valle and the others at school. Sandor’s mother constantly nags at him: dance was everything to her and now it’s up to him to realize her dreams of success. On the other hand, his father is distant – shut up in his workroom. Sandor is searching for meaning.

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