Scrapyard-Nisse and his New Friends

Swedish title: Skrot-Nisse och hans nya vänner

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 29-10-2020

Format: 260 x 195 mm, 48 pages, colour

Scrapyard-Nisse and his New Friends

Jan Lööf, illustrated by Jan Lööf

Scrapyard-Nisse has got some new friends – just when he was about to have a holiday. The cat Missan, pig Nassen and monkey Affe have moved in. It’s noisy, nothing like the peace and quiet he wanted. Scrapyard-Nisse finally gets the animals to go away, in a newly built motor-cycle home! Monkey Affe says it will be fine, even though he can’t reach the handbrake. But off they go and Scrapyard Nisse finally gets some peace and quiet. Too quiet. And then he starts to worry. How are Missan, Nassen and Affe getting on – will they be all right?

Jan Lööf’s pictures have a unique style, as do his harsh narrative tone and warm charm. Since his debut in the sixties, Jan Lööf has become a popular author and illustrator, beloved by many generations.

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