Screams in the Night

Swedish title: Skrik i natten

Series: Mr. Serious Kip Jansson

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 03-09-2015

Format: 176 pages, 135 x 185 mm

Screams in the Night

Anders Jacobsson

Kip Jansson’s brother has had a baby so Kip is now an uncle. Kip is extremely proud and cocky about it, until he mentions it in school. Some of the older boys call him “uncle” and wonder where he keeps his walking stick, his walking frame and his flat top cap… And as if that’s not enough, one day Dad tells him he’s going to have a new brother or sister. Again!

Marjaneh manages to distract Kip by telling him that there are djinns that run around in the park at night. Djinns are nasty demons who attack sleeping children at night. They have to try to stop the djinns’ secret plans! It turns out, like in all of Kip’s adventures, that there is no real danger. This is a feel-good series with a mystery to solve.

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