Swedish title: Hemligheter

Series: Dragonheart

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 11-08-2012

Format: 192 pages, 135 x 185 mm


Anna Ehring

Nisse is jealous. Not so much of his girlfriend Saga, as of his dragon friend Harry. Why is it so hard to share him with anyone else? What do you do with that gnawing feeling of jealousy? And what does that trust that Harry talks about feel like? Basically life is good for Nisse. The dragon heart that Harry gave him when his life was so unlucky has actually helped him through the shadows of grief. The fact that playing with the band is working well and that Saga is Nisse’s girlfriend give Nisse strength this autumn. And it turns out there’s a reason for that. Because when his mate Josef is suddenly standing there one day in the hall ranting on about an address in Spånga – and please can he live with Nisse? – and Harry suddenly starts taking an interest in Mediterranean food, it’s time to rely on that trust and get help from his dragon heart. Nisse is fourteen years old in this book. He was eleven in the first book so life has taken many turns since we first got to know him.

In the fourth and final book about Nisse Berg, his family and friends in Bagarmossen, Nisse is confronted with secrets, jealousy and the difficulty of standing on his own feet when his dragon friend Harry takes off on his own business.

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