Sex for Guys

Swedish title: Kukbruk

Category: Children / Children´s Non Fiction

Pub date: 04-03-2004

Format: 176 pages, bl/w illus.

Sex for GuysA book about love, feelings and sex for young men and other curious people

Manne Forssberg

It can be extremely difficult for a teenage boy to get hold of decent information about sex and love, and this at a time when he has an endless number of questions he wants to ask.

Adults are often afraid of raising the subject at all – many have a “Let sleeping dogs lie…” attitude. Your mates boast and exaggerate. Newspapers write about gang rapes, with fat headlines as if war had broken out. And pornography creates performance anxiety and quasi-knowledge.

Sex for Guys deals with those sorts of things that all teenage boys think about, but probably are too embarrassed to bring up. Manne Forsberg is the kindly big brother who doesn’t simply pat little brother on his head. The tone is always encouraging. Besides practical advice and tips, there are interviews, personal stories and even a bit of history. The latter works partly as a bit of light relief with examples of amusing oddities, but also shows things can actually change for the better. Society doesn’t have to look exactly like it does at this particular moment in time.

Sex for Guys gives advice on what to do and conveys knowledge and some basic values. Beyond that, the reader can feel and think just as he wants. There is nothing that is abnormal and therefore nothing that is normal either. Sexuality is not dirty, nor is it ugly or shameful.

This book is easy to get into, and has a modern and sensible attitude to gender roles and the sexuality of young people. Manne Forssberg has some good opinions which he shares with his readers in an easy-going and amusing manner!

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