Sibling Sickness, Fighting Spirit and a Stubborn Front Tooth

Swedish title: Sagasagor. Syskonsjuka, kämpaglöd och en envis framtand

Series: Saga's Stories

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 31-08-2017

Format: 148 x 210 mm, 96 pages, colour

Sibling Sickness, Fighting Spirit and a Stubborn Front Tooth

Josefine Sundström, illustrated by Emma Göthner

Saga Louisa Larsson is a solid, wise and stubborn little girl who lives with her mum and dad in one of the terrace houses on Sunflower Way. In this book the stories are about when Saga gets ill at her own birthday party, how she loses her first tooth, when she builds an obstacle course with Samir and when she somehow ends up losing her mum and dad at the big furniture store. Saga is also quite envious of Samir who both has a cute little sister and a cool older brother.

Five warm and funny read- out loud stories with plenty of illustrations. Saga stories invites you to the little and big moments of a delightful everyday life, that many children can recognise themselves in. The series is a perfect transition from reading picture books to starting to read chapter books.

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Finnish: Otava