Swim Sam

Swedish title: Simma Sam

Series: Animal Friends

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 16-03-2015

Format: 148x210 mm 64 pages, color

Swim Sam

Margareta Nordqvist, illustrated by Margareta Nordqvist

The series Animal Friends is about a couple of children who live in the countryside and look after different animals. This time Lasse and Lisa have acquired an aquarium with all that it entails including taking care of it and the dramas involved: Frasse the cat fishes out Sam the swordtail for example. Swim Sam tells facts about fish and about how to look after an aquarium. The series is meant for those just learning to read. A fun book, easy-to-read in capital letters about aquarium fish.

Rights sold

Danish: Gyldendal
Finnish: Mäkelä
Norwegian: Dreyers Forlag

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