Take it like a Man

Swedish title: Ta det som en man

Category: Children / Children´s Non Fiction

Pub date: 31-08-2017

Format: 151 x 225 mm, 144 pages, color

Take it like a Man

Hampus Nessvold

Hampus Nessvold is a young artist and program leader in television and radio, who now makes a personal deep dive in the men’s role.
  In chapters dealing with sex, violence, friendship, porn, love and body complexes, he shares his experiences about male friendship, unhappy love, gay test, sex failures, and how it feels to perhaps have the neighbor-
hood’s narrowest wrist. This book is for anyone who is or knows a young man.

We guys still get to learn that we have to be tough, and that we are not supposed to cry or talk about emotions. But I think we and everyone around us would feel better with a change. A change that begins with
ourselves – because we men and boys dare question the men’s role in society and show who we are under the hard surface. We must dare to unveil ourselves and talk about our experiences, to jointly abandon these destructive and limiting morality standards that not only harm society but also ourselves. This is my contribution. My aim is not to introduce
a new morality. It is rather a plea for a new kind of masculinity, to stand against the macho culture.