The Book of Secrets

Swedish title: Hemligheternas bok

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 31-05-2019

Format: 148x210 mm, 160 pages, b&w illustrations

The Book of Secrets

Maria Nygren, illustrated by Staffan Larsson

Time travel, magical books and breathtaking adventures at sea – these are just some of the ingredients in “The Book of Secrets”.

Fia’s summer holidays are not fun at all. At home, her little brother screams all day long and her best friend Yasmine is not staying in the cabin next door, as she usually is.

When Fia walks down to the bay she sees an old ship and a man trying to catch a book from the jetty. Curious about the boat, the book and the man, Fia sneaks on board. But when she opens the book everything changes. Suddenly she finds herself far out at sea, the year is 1944 and the ship is full of crew members. On board there is also a boy who has done something so horrible that he has forgotten his own name. And Fia herself has become invisible.

Will she ever come back home again? And can several realities exist at the same time?

Mathilde Coffy

Foreign Rights Director | Children's Books (On Study Leave)

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