The Camp Crisis

Swedish title: Lägerkrisen

Series: My dangerous life 4

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 17-09-2012

Format: 144 pages, 148x210 mm, b/w illustrations

The Camp Crisis

Ann Caroline Håkans, illustrated by Mia Nilsson

In the fourth book in the acclaimed series “My Dangerous life”, Juni tells us more about her disaster-laden life. But is everything really as bad as it seems? A fun and challenging portrait for bookworms with a tendency to look on the dark side!

Will we dare to sleep outdoors at the school camp? Just imagine if we get eaten by wild animals! And how can we stand having our teacher and classmates so close by all the time, day and night?

In year three Juni is facing new trials … again. At least it’s a good thing her best friend Isa is there too, they are so clever at sneaking away together when their teacher gets too carried away with her natural history projects. But why does that horrid Josse have to hang around them? And what’s happening with Jonah? Are he and Juni together or aren’t they? Poor Juni hardly knows and now she’s let Josse pester her into telling her one thing and another …

Juni tells about her failures and bad points in a funny and hard-hitting way, and you feel strongly for this deeply human anti-heroine.

The question is however: Does she understand things correctly? After a while you begin to realize that the world probably looks one way inside Juni’s head and another way on the outside. Just like it does for most of us. She is far from alone in thinking that she is the centre of the world and the most hopeless person in it!

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