The castle of ice

Swedish title: Slottet av is

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 28-03-2013

Format: 224 pages, 135 x 185 mm, b/w illustrations

The castle of ice

Janina Kastevik

A secret button in a lift takes Minna to Undria where she is to carry out a dangerous assignment. How can she do this? She’s not a superhero or a magician, just an ordinary child.

Minna´s dad, just like a volcano, can explode at any time, but he can be funny too. Little sister Lou is only six and doesn´t see the warning signs, so most of the time it´s Mummy and Minna who are on the alert.

It´s on one of these exploding days, Lou has knocked over her glass of milk, that Minna finds the secret lift button which will lead her to another world, Undria, and to an old lady called Grandma.

And that´s where she gets her assignment, to save the people of Undria from their cruel leader.  Minna thinks it sounds scary and dangerous, she doesn´t want to be a hero.

But one day Lou presses the lift button to Undria  and when Minna follows her, she cannot find either Lou or Grandma, they have disappeared!  Minna has to find Lou and although she is scared she sets off on an adventure packed with excitement and dangers!

The Castle of Ice is an exciting story about a child who is forced to rebel against an unpredictable adult world. The language and action remind one of Mio my Mio.

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