The Christmas Jumper

Swedish title: Jultröjan

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 08-10-2018

Format: 210x210mm, 32 pages colour

The Christmas Jumper

Cecilia Heikkilä

Fransson the homeless cat finds winter difficult. He has to spend all day wandering around the town just to stop his paws from freezing to the ground. From the outside he looks in on the Christmas shopping animals who pause at the town’s café or meet up at the ice- skating rink on the square. But his life suddenly takes a turn because his knitted jumper drops a stitch and starts unravelling.

Without his jumper, he won’t be able to survive the cold winter so he has to try and rescue the wool, but the jumper just unravels more and more, and to make matters worse it starts snowing and getting dark. But his attempt to rescue the wool takes him to an unexpected place and for the first time in his life Fransson gets a real Christmas present …

CECILIA HEIKKILÄ’S imagery is full of tenderly illustrated small animals, each with their very own expression.

Rights sold

Danish: Turbine
English (world): Interlink Publishing
Estonian: Koolibri
Finnish: Lasten Keskus
French: Éditions Cambourakis
German: HarperCollins Germany
Italian: Marameo Edizioni
Japanese: Kagaku Dojin Publishing
Russian: Mann Ivanov

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