The Dragon’s Song

Swedish title: Draksången

Series: The Fate of the Dragons

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 27-12-2016

Format: 148x210 mm, 304 pages

The Dragon’s Song

Jo Salmson

The Dragons Song is the second part in Jo Salmson’s new fantasy series The Fate of the Dragons. She has written enormously popular series for 6+ before. This time she writes for children who are 9+.


On the other side of the mountains, the sorcerer gathers its warriors. His spies are already deployed in the kingdom. He is after the three star stones. He wants to take over the world, with the help of their special powers.

Nea flees south towards the capital Demar, to find out what happened to the dragons. One of the star stones is hidden in her bag.

Soon she gets some company. Bann is also on the run from the evil sorcerer. But is he the person she thinks he is?


Can Nea really trust her new friends, now that the battle against the Sorcerer is getting closer and closer?

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