The Flute Crisis

Swedish title: Tvärflöjtskrisen

Series: My Dangerous Life 2

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 01-10-2010

Format: 144 pages, 148x210 mm, b/w illustrations

The Flute CrisisMy Dangerous Life

Ann Caroline Håkans, illustrated by Mia Nilsson

Will Juni dare to play the flute even though som other girls in her class say it is ridiculous?

Juni, the girl who is always scared and has just started in the second year at school, tells more about her life in her own caustic way. Will she have the nerve to take up the flute? Will she have the nerve to stick up for herself and not care what the tough girls think?

Juni is often in a bad mood. Why? Well because there’s loads of fun things to do in life. But not for Juni, who barely has the courage to say Hi to people. Mostly she feels like a cartoon cut-out with a bright red face just bashing the floor in anger.
For example, for a long time she has dreamt of playing the flute but now the time has come to sign up she doesn’t have the nerve – her classmates might think she’s a nerd, especially the tough girls. But then it turns out that they are two of the ones who’ve signed up! That makes Juni mad. Now what’s she going to do? She doesn’t want to be a copycat. It’s a good thing she has Jonah and Isa in her class to prop her up, plus Granny and her words of wisdom …

In the second book in the series “My Dangerous Life”, Juni continues to relate all her failings in a comical and caustic way. But is everything really as bad as it seems to be for her? You begin to realise that the world looks one way inside Juni’s head – and quite different outside it.

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