The Forest

Swedish title: Språklek och ordskoj med Dam-Dam. Skogen

Series: Language Games and Wordplay with Dam-Dam

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 02-09-2022

Format: 195 x 224 mm, 32 pages, colour

The Forest

Josefine Sundström, illustrated by Mervi Lindman

Dam-Dam is off to the forest.

Dam-Dam is big and can put on shoes and a coat without help.

Dam-Dam can walk and dosen’t need to go in the push-chair.

The Forest is big and Dam-Dam is small. There is so much to see among the trees—a butterfly, a feather, birds that twitter and squelchy mud underfoot.

Dam-Dam touches, pokes and feels.

In the meadow there are flowers and grasses.

But what’s that in the middle of the wood?

A funny bush with shiny red balls?

Balls, balls, balls shouts Dam-Dam.

Those are rose hips, says Mum

Read and play with this series of books that stimulate the child’s speech development.

Rhyme, rhythm, and fun words that children can imitate are delightfully depicted in Mervi Lindman’s illustrations.

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