The Giants are Attacking!

Swedish title: Jättarna anfaller!

Series: The School for Knights

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 01-03-2012

Format: 64 pages, 148 x 210 mm, color

The Giants are Attacking!The School for Knights 8

Magnus Ljunggren, illustrated by Mats Vänehem

Knights, excitement, humour, and easy to read in a playful mix for girls and boys who are just beginning to read themselves. Entertaining read with speedy and tough illustrations. The three friends Egon, Fiona and Urban attending The School for Knights where they learn about being a knight and are faced with different adventures. 

The new church bell will be inaugurated and Egon, Fiona and Urban must hurry home from a trip. Just as they hear the ringing echo in the valley, the grounds shake and the Giants wake up! Now they quickly need to warn everyone in the castle, but on the way Fiona is captured!

How can Egon save her from the giants’ violence?

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