The Great Love Fever

Swedish title: Den stora kärleksfebern

Series: Dragon Heart

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 17-08-2011

Format: 192 pages, 135x185 mm

The Great Love FeverDragon Heart 3

Anna Ehring

The summer holidays are near and everything could be so great. But Saga with her freckles and eyes like coal is playing havoc with Nisse’s feelings. And when Harry suddenly disappears Nisse doesn’t have anyone to set his world to rights with!

The spring sun is blinding Nisse. Sunshine is spilling over the wallpaper in the room. Harry hears the blackbird and swoons at the beautiful birdsong. When Nisse discovers that Harry has disappeared fear suddenly overcomes him again. Even the rehearsal with the band doesn’t go well. Nisse can’t play when Saga is in the room. Her freckles make him feel quite weird and the drumsticks have a life of their own. Too much love and happiness are clearly just as tricky to deal with as grief and danger. It doesn’t work when his dragon friend is not there. He really needs Harry, right down to his dragon heart. This is the third book about Nisse who is turning 13 in this book.

AnnaEhring has written a moving, heartbreaking series (with an absurd humour) about a child who has lost his mother and won a friend. The Dragonheart series is Anna Ehring’s debut as an author of books for children and young adults. Don’t miss the other three titles in the series about Nisse!

The Great Love Fever received the Nils Holgersson plaquette, the prestigious prize awarded by the Swedish Library Association, in 2012.

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