The great running away day

Swedish title: Stora rymmardagen

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 01-09-2011

Format: 27 pages, colour, 195 x 260 mm

The great running away day

Cannie Möller, illustrated by Johan Egerkrans

Follow Malin and her cuddly toy Maskot on a secret adventure in the world of the imagination

Malin is ill and lying in bed at home. In the living room Mummy is talking heatedly on the phone. She is working from home today and needs peace and quiet.

It’s a good thing Malin has Maskot!

He is the best and most inventive cuddly toy in the world. Together they make a bed cave under the duvet. Suddenly it gets far too hot in there – they need fresh air!

In a modern everyday story Cannie Möller and Johan Egerkrans let their imaginations and reality fuse together into a wonderful adventure about running away to sea on board the ship “the Blue Table” where there is even room for the neighbours Selma and ‘Uncle’ Rune too.

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