The Guest House Mystery

Swedish title: Pensionat Vidablicks gåta

Category: Children

Pub date: 29-04-2013

Format: 96 pages

The Guest House Mystery

Katarina Genar

One early summer morning Saga is woken up by her sister Bea. Bea has had enough of their parents constantly arguing with her, and so she intends to leave home, and go into town. Saga promises not to tell on her.

The summer holiday starts and nothing is the way it was supposed to be… At home, Saga’s parents are upset because of Bea’s disapperance, and during the days Saga is left on her own. But there is a little cat with golden eyes that seems to be asking her for help!

If it hadn’t been for the cat, Saga would never had found the old inn by the sea. And then had Amanda’s mystery would never had been solved. Past and present intertwine in Katarina Genar’s mysteriously exciting everyday story.

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