The Guide to Getting Pregnant

Swedish title: Vänta på barn

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Parenting

Pub date: 09-04-2013

Format: 170x240 mm, 160 pages, 4 c

The Guide to Getting Pregnant

Anna Bratt

While most people find it relatively easy to get pregnant, it takes a little longer for others and many even need professional help. The Guide to Getting Pregnant advises both men and women on how to increase the chances of conceiving children the natural way and describes the different treatments that are used to help involuntary childless couples, including IVF, insemination and egg or sperm donation. The book even offers suggestions as to how single or LGBT people can go about having a child. One in six couples in Sweden find it difficult to conceive, which means that there are around 500 000 involuntary childless Swedes.

The book breaks many myths and is a practical guide that contains the latest within fertility research. It is based on the best scientific studies and on interviews with both Swedish and foreign fertility researchers.

Anna Bratt is a medical reporter for the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter and has been following medical research for many years. Many of the studies she has written about have been on the subject of fertility problems. She is also author of the book The Importance of Genes (2011).

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