The Horror in the Attic

Swedish title: Skräcken på vinden

Series: Mr. Serious Kip Jansson

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 27-12-2013

Format: 220 pages, 148 x 210

The Horror in the Attic

Anders Jacobsson

Kip Jansson is a guy with the biggest of hearts, in the warmest and craziest of families who live in a house with some noisy neighbours on an ordinary street in an ordinary Swedish town.

The book’s main character writes: “I have not yet described what I look like. I look at peoples external appearances from the inside. Whether they have a warm or a cold heart. My father’s heart is so warm you could fry an egg on it. They’d burn in a moment, but ok! My best friend Marjaneh and I have many secrets. One is that there is a real ghost in the attic. And it’s a real horror!”

Meet Kip Jansson. A completely ordinary guy with his heart in the right place and loads of ideas rushing around in his head. When he thinks too hard his best friend calls him Mr. Serious but it doesn’t matter for she doesn’t say it to tease him, not like some at school who say mean things sometimes. Kip is mostly happy and just a little scared, for in the attic there’s that ghost, it really is there, although everyone knows ghosts don’t exist. Do they?

Anders Jacobsson occupies a well-deserved place on the children’s book shelf with much-loved series like “Bert”, “Sune” and “Håkan Bråkan”. The Horror in the Attic should join these friends on the shelves for all book-lovers. And make sure there’s room for more books about Mr. Serious Kip Jansson. There will be more!

When Anders Jacobsson is not writing books he writes for TV and the theatre and cooks Swedish beef stew for his large family.

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