The Key Children

Swedish title: Nyckelbarnen

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 23-08-2010

Format: 300 pages, 135x158 mm

The Key Children

Sara Kadefors

One day, Siri sees her mum go into a block of flats. To somebody else’s flat. Nothing strange about that. Except that mum is on a business trip in Tokyo.
And there is no way she can confront her mum and dad. Siri has tried, but just gets lies and smiles back.

So when Maggan time after time bullies Leo in class, and the headmaster takes Maggan’s side, it feels as if the whole world is false and offending.

Together with Leo, Nizar and Linn, the fox cub in the pink duvet jacket, Siri starts to give them a bit of their own treatment. What starts as a bit of harmless fun and pranks after school escalates during the autumn into actions beyond their control.

And suddenly Linn is no longer a fox cub with curly brown hair, but just frighteningly without any limits at all.

When Sara Kadefors writes for young adults, the message is loud and clear: We are not going to put up with any shit! After the success of Sandor slash Ida, Sara Kadefors is back with a new novel. This is a touching book about when the desire to do something right just gets completely out of hand.

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