The Little Girl from Far Away

Swedish title: Flickan från långt borta

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 31-03-2014

Format: 32 pages, 195x260 mm, color

The Little Girl from Far Away

Annika Thor, illustrated by Maria Jönsson

Author Annika Thor and illustrator Maria Jönsson weave a hypnotizing drama about fitting in, finding something you didn’t know you needed and how a door can open that changes your life.

On a cold winter night a girl knocks on the door of an isolated little cottage. The Grey One who lives there doesn’t want to let her in but opens the door anyway. Despite the fact that the Grey One prefers to be alone, the beautiful girl touches something deep inside her – a longing for laughter, a wish to belong? Maybe twos company is better than being alone?

With haunting and meaningful text and illustrations that ooze life, Annika Thor and Maria Jönsson tell a story which gets under the reader’s skin. The Grey One and the girl’s story evoke questions about daring to open doors and give security to those who need it.
A beautiful and meaningful book!

The book has been selected for the Bologna Illustrators Exhibition 2015 that travels in the world until 2017 and received the Elsa Beskow plaque in 2015.

Rights sold

Danish: Klematis
German: Oetinger
Spanish(Spain): Gato Sueco Editorial

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