The Little Old Lady Does It Again

Swedish title: Det rånar sig nog

Series: The League of Pensioners

Category: Fiction / General Fiction

Pub date: 01-09-2022

The Little Old Lady Does It Again

Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg

Nothing is impossible when the League of Pensioners strikes again. With ingenuity and action, the members embark on a tour of theft to help those in need. But since the banks are now short of cash, the gang must look for new targets. Fearless, Märtha, Snillet, Krattan, Stina and Anna-Greta venture into cyberspace and try their luck among cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence and robots. Also included in the game is a Norwegian oil billionaire, ancient gold coins, shipwrecks, lots of champagne and really well-aged whiskey.

Now the League of Pensioners is facing its last big challenge while being hunted by the police and the mafia …

The books about the Pensioners League have been on the top lists around the world and are published in more than forty countries.

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