The longing of my narrow shoulders

Swedish title: Mina smala axlars längtan

Category: Children / Fiction 12-15

Pub date: 07-08-2017

Format: 125 x 197 mm, 376 pages

The longing of my narrow shoulders

Maria Frensborg

The Longing of my Narrow Shoulders is a tale about being yourself,
and staying true to yourself, at the same time as you’re madly in love.
With a large dose of humour, intuition and insight, Maria Frensborg
writes about love, friendship, betrayal and finding your identity.

Magda is high school and wants more of everything; more of
life, more poetry, funnier friends, more of Jens. Particularly more
of Jens, who is 2 metres tall and a dream on legs. With ox-blood
red Dr Martens, perfect long hair and black clothes, he’s the sun in
Magda’s universe.
  Her best friend Petra doesn’t understand anything, but on the
other hand, she hasn’t done for quite a long time. Magda is ready
for change and it comes in the form of a secret invitation to The
Women’s Student Association, which is involved in art, literature
and music, and Magda, who loves writing, is quick to accept. At the
same time she joins the student newspaper that Jens is chief editor
of. He seems to be interested in her too … or? One thing’s for sure:
he thinks that The Women’s Student Association is stupid and pretentious and he hates it as much as he loves his electric guitar. Magda
is so excited that she has butterflies in her stomach. Yet she’s torn
between Jens, the student association and herself, because how much
can you adapt before you turn into a wimp? And how much are you
prepared to give up for the feeling of being chosen, loved and seen?


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