The Lost City

Swedish title: Den försvunna staden

Series: The Return Of The Almanders

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 12-03-2007

Format: 112 pages, b/w illustrations

The Lost City

Jo Salmson, illustrated by Peter Bergting

The Lost City is the first volume in a new series of fantasy books by Jo Salmson, making her debut as an author. It’s exciting and eminently readable – as readable as Lasse & Maja’s Detective Agency and as exciting as Narnia. The book contains a wealth of illustrations by Peter Bergting, currently in the public eye with his own picture strip series The Portent, published by Image Comics in the USA.

Invite an almander to cross the threshold, and your life will never be the same again!

Rian is ten years old, and is all alone in a cottage in the mountains. He’s freezing cold, and he’s hungry. Grandfather has gone into the village to try and barter for food. It’s a dangerous journey, and Rian is afraid. Suddenly a dark creature appears, enveloped in a huge, thick coat.
It’s an almander, a member of the race that existed here before humankind. Through magic the almanders have been banished to the World of Shadows, but now they need Rian’s help in order to be able to return.

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