The Masters in the Woods

Swedish title: Herrarna i skogen

Category: Fiction / General Fiction

Pub date: 20-03-2007

The Masters in the Woods

Kerstin Ekman

The forest is a central theme in many of Kerstin Ekman’s novels. There is, for instance, The forest of hours, Dödsklockan [The Death Clock], which is set during moose hunting season, as well as Vargskinnet [The Wolf Skin], which treats the subject of the northern Swedish forests.

In this collection of essays, she delves even deeper into the wonders of the forest. One important theme is the forest as a space of metamorphosis, where the human psyche has undergone curious transformations. Exploring the woods from various angles, Kerstin Ekman writes about its history, myths and fairy tales and well as the science and industry behind it

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