The Meaning of Life

Swedish title: Meningen med livet

Series: The giant anteater and the dormouse

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 28-05-2013

Format: 112 pages,148x210 mm, color

The Meaning of Life

Lotta Olsson, illustrated by Maria Nilsson Thore

Is nose washing the meaning of life?

The giant ant-eater and the dormouse from Strange animals, a book that was nominated for the August Prize, are back again with their third adventure! This time they are wallowing in deep speculations about the meaning of everything. It’s a humorous and remarkable book to read and laugh at together.

The giant ant-eater is no longer just a waste of space. He has actually decided to become something greater – an author – and write a book about the meaning of life. The only problem is that he is not really sure what life is actually about. He goes out into the forest to find inspiration and he talks to all and sundry about the mystery of everything. One of them believes in Bengt, the next one in food. The secretive suricat Doris seems to be the one with the answer. The solution to the riddle maybe? Or not …

An entertaining and ingenious tale from Lotta Olsson, one of Sweden’s foremost wordsmiths. Lively, hilarious illustrations by Maria Nilsson Thore.

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