The Moment of Truth

Swedish title: Morris Mohlin: Sanningens minut

Series: Morris Mohlin

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 09-06-2021

Format: 135 x 215 mm, 150 pages, b&w illustrations

The Moment of Truth

Maria Frensborg, illustrated by Kalle Landegren

Meet Morris – a teenage boy with a knack for messing things up. Author Maria Frensborg and illustrator Kalle Landgren’s new series is a perfect read for anyone who loves Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Brutal humour at its best!

The Spring Party at Brownfields School is coming up soon and Morris is kept busy by the school’s entertainment committee. Things get difficult when he ends up in the same group as the school’s worst nightmare, Kringlan. All this stress, combined with his unrequited love for Mirre, leads Morris to making more bad decisions than usual. Like arranging a date in the school car park between the sweet but sad evening class teacher and the needlework lady. Or making copies of his butt using the school photocopier…

Mathilde Coffy

Foreign Rights Director | Children's Books (On Study Leave)

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