The mysterious Fangs

Swedish title: De mystiska huggtänderna

Series: Mr. Serious Kip Jansson

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 06-10-2014

Format: 176 pages, 135 x 185 mm Illustrations No

The mysterious Fangs

Anders Jacobsson, illustrated by Åsa Ekström

Life spins on around Kip and together with his friend Marjaneh he gets involved with new mysterious adventures. This book offers exciting, warm and humorous reading to all book-lovers. The time of change is here. Kip’s sister has moved into the same building as Kip. Normally Kip is a bit sceptical about change but he loves this one. And Kip is to be an uncle. He definitely likes this change. But it’s the third piece of news that bothers him… A newcomer has moved into the apartment where the bad-tempered old man with the greasy hat lived. Kip hopes it will be someone who keeps to himself…Everything should be just as it should be. His friend Marjaneh thinks the opposite: she wants more excitement!

One day there is a girl standing outside the new neighbour’s door using her mobile phone. She has long fair hair, blue eyes and pale skin. At first Majaneh thinks she is a ghost – she is standing so still. Who is she? Why does Kip’s whole face turn red? And why does the man next door only come out in the evenings as if he were some sort of vampire?

There’s something funny going on. Majaneh suspects a good mystery.

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